Solar Splash

No. of Participants:

Maximum 3 and minimum 2 participants per team (40 Teams Max)

Event Description

  1. Many innovations have been made to the world through the years. In the course of human history, these changes have played a great role in affecting the life of man in a given time period. In the era of energy crises, the use of renewable energy is in boom. Solar Splash is an event which focuses on technical aspects in designing a solar car and racing them on thrilling tracks.
  2. Participants needs to design a solar car to overcome the difficulties in the track and game which will be played in the final round.


  1. Solar car should fit in the box of dimensions 160mm x 120mmx 150mm (l x b x h).
  2. Readymade or Toy car is not allowed.
  3. Solar car should be controlled through wired or wireless remote.
  4. Batteries are not allowed.
  5. Teams will be judged based on design and implementation.
  6. Points = time taken + penalty time.
  7. Solar Panel will be provided from institute. (Maximum 3 each of 12 volt, 0.3A)
  8. In any case, the judge’s decision will be final and binding to all.


  1. Solar operated car.
  2. Solar panel.