Walk On Water


We never know the worth of water till the well is dry!

Don’t worry we have ample of water here. All you have to do is to build a strong RC BOAT which shifts its way across the waves & obstacles and drifts to the finish line in minimum time. So now let’s see how many Titanics we are going to get out of this awesome “Battle Of Waves”!

It’s a RC Motor BOAT racing event. Participants have to design their boats according to the specifications given. The event will take place in three rounds.

  1. Each team should consist of maximum 3 participants.
  2. Readymade BOATS are not allowed.
  3. Dual frequency needed in case of wireless boats.
  4. Team can touch the boat 3 times during the course of the race.
  5. If the BOAT dimensions cross the limits specified, then the team gets DISQUALIFIED.
  6. The judgment of organizers is final.
  7. The teams are not to resort of any physical or verbal duels in case of any discrepancies which will be resolved by the organizing team.
  8. Width: Not to exceed 0.2m(0.5ft).
  9. Length: Not to exceed 0.5m(1.5ft).
  10. Height: Not to exceed 0.3m(0.9ft).
  11. BOAT should be made up of RC motors only.
  12. Terminal voltage should not exceed 36volts.
  13. The team may be asked to work on the alternate frequency (i.e. any of the two frequencies) at any point.
  14. Spare parts or kits from any ready-made toys must not be used for constructing the boat.
  15. However gear box for the boat might be taken from toys. Individual gears can also be taken for assembling a gear box.
  16. The body of the boat must be completely covered and the circuit peripherals must not be visible.
  17. The name of the boat can be displayed on the boat.
  18. Batteries cannot be replaced once the boat enters the track.
  19. In case of any technical problem arising on the arena, the teams will be allowed two timeouts of 60 seconds each to deal with their problems.

NOTE:Rules are subject to last minute change. Contact corresponding coordinator(s) for further inquiries. Final Decision lies in hands of Coordinators and Judges. Participants have to abide the decision in all cases.

Fees Per Head


No. of Participants In Event

Maximum 3

Total Amount


  • Qualifying round

    Team will drive their boat and based on their timings they will qualify for next round.

  • Racing

    In this stage there will be race between the teams.
    The participants will have to make it to the finish line in the least time. Obstacles will be there to increase the difficulty. Based on their timings, participants will advance to the next round.

  • Final Round

    Difficulty in the path will be more than the second round.
    The team finishing in the least time will be the winner of this event.

    Short listed participants in the final round would be judged on their timing.

For further queries contact:

  • Umang Joshi

    Coordinator, Events

    +91 982 493 4935

  • Karan Shah

    Coordinator, Events

    +91 886 675 7907