Research 2 Revenue

No. of Participants:

Solo/Team (Minimum 2 participants)

Event Description :

  1. The event is basically about solving the real-life problems. The research/thesis/product of the postgraduates should make an impact to the society. Thereby, they are required to have a strategy/glance/vision on how their research/thesis can be implemented in rea life situation and create benefit for end users. In this event those teams are invited who have done research on any area of interest which can ne implemented at ground level after completion of research. If the new product/services rises out of the research present a plan on how to create market and impact out of this. Teams participating in this competition should briefly describe their background of research and how they will create a product/service/innovator out of it. Assuming the team want to take the final product to market the presenter need to mention a strategy for the same, a possible business plan. The presenter must highlight the uniquess of the research and possible outcome/solution in compare conventional existing ones.


First Round:

In this round they are suppose to validate the scouted problem with relevant, sustainable and practical solution. The focus is more on the problem side, we are really looking for need based research. They are supposed to document and present the real problem and all the possible solutions.

Second Round:

In this round, from the all possible solutions they are supposed to select and present the best solution to the problem and thus validating their research. They should specify the reason of the said solution and why it is most suitable/relevant /sustainable in the market.


  1. The research/problem statement should be based on field research
  2. Validation of the field research with photos or videos.
  3. Research should be unique and it should be scalable in terms of implementation

Judging Criteria :

  1. Problem scouted should be genuine
  2. Solution should be feasible/practical/scalable/sustainable.