• MBA

Event Description:

A movie is not only entertaining us but also shaping lives of many individuals. Film industry, are not just creating film just for entertainment with all that “Masala, Action & Drama” stuffs, but depicting management lessons for lives of many individuals.

“Real-2-Real” gives you an arena to extracting real life lessons from reel life

  • No. of Participants per Team: minimum 2, maximum 4
  • Max. No. of Participation: 60
  • Max. No. of Teams: 15
  • Process & Round Description :

    There are three rounds in the whole event.

    Round 1 (Elimination round)


    1. Teams will have to carry their PowerPoint presentation of selected movie mentioned on the TechXtream website.
    2. Team have to present it before a panel of judges for 10 minutes, followed by questionanswer session of 5 to 10 minutes.
    3. Snapshots (Frames) of the movie should be added into the presentation
    4. Presentation should include relationships between movie theme and management concepts like Leaderships, Motivation, and communication skills etc.
    5. You have to carry video clips of those snapshots with you, but do not include in presentation
    6. In the event, judges’ decision will be final, irrevocable and binding to everyone.
    7. Your presentation will be evaluated based on the movie theme, management concepts and correlation between it.
    8. Top 4 teams based on the performance will be selected and carried to the second round

    Round 2 : (Filmy Funda)


    1. Each team will be allocated a short video clip from any of the movie
    2. Teams have to prepare a short note on that, explaining the Management lessons and implications focused or targeted in that clip in 10 minutes.
    3. Addition to above, each team will get 5 minutes for explaining their views and thoughts on that clip. It must contain some management lesson or concept.
    4. Only Top 2 teams will be declared as a winner


    1. In the event, judges’ decision will be final, irrevocable and binding to everyone
    2. There are total three rounds. 1st round would be an elimination round. In second round, teams have to identify company name, product name or brand name. This round contains fixed questions to each team as well as buzzer round. Only Buzzer round contains negative markings.
    3. Top 2 teams will be awarded the First Prize and Second Prize respectively
    4. Judging criteria

      1. Management principles correlation with movie .
      2. Accuracy to identify management concepts in the movie
      3. Diversity of concepts extracted from the movie .
      4. Communication Skill
      5. Quality of presentation
      6. Eligibility:

        All regular students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event.