• MBA

Event Description:

  1. "Battle of the Intellects" Quiz-O-Mania as the name suggests is a Quiz Competition aimed to gauge the General knowledge of participants by covering a wide range of topics such as Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Management and Corporate World.
  2. No. of Participants per Team: exactly 2
  3. Max. No. of Participation: 100
  4. Max. No. of Teams: 50

Process & Round Description :

There are three rounds in the whole event.

Round 1 (Elimination round)

There will be screening rounds based on the number of entries.


  1. There will be 30 questions asked in round 1 (MCQs).
  2. Each question 1 mark
  3. Only 8 teams will qualify for round 2
  4. If there is a tie between participants, next 05 questions will be asked and from them the highest scorer will qualify for round 2

Round 2: (Rapid fire round)


  1. Per team time 2.5 minutes
  2. Per team 10 questions
  3. Per question 10 mark
  4. Four teams will be selected for next round

Round 3: (Buzzer round)


  1. A video/audio clip will be shown & based on that a question will be framed. The team that presses the buzzer first will have to answer.
  2. For every wrong answer (-5) and correct answer (+20) will be given
  3. If , two teams press the buzzer at the same time, then that question will be cancelled
  4. Total 12 clips will be played


  1. Questions would comprise of Current affairs, General knowledge, Management and Corporate world.
  2. In the event, judges’ decision will be final, irrevocable and binding to everyone
  3. There are total three rounds. 1st round would be an elimination round. In second round, teams have to identify company name, product name or brand name. This round contains fixed questions to each team as well as buzzer round. Only Buzzer round contains negative markings.
  4. Student should carry the valid college identity cards of their respective institute at the time of reporting

Judging criteria

  1. Judging will be done by event coordinators.
  2. Decision made by the event head will be final and acceptable in any cases.
  3. The decision of the coordinator will be final and the rules may vary for the successful complication of the event.
  4. Certificate of participation will be given to all participants


All regular students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event.