Poster Presentation

Event Description :

  1. Participants have to make poster by selecting any of the current pharmaceutical topic. Through poster presentation it is possible to reach a broader audience. Generally posters include both textual and graphical elements.


  1. It will help to gain and share knowledge regarding current advancement in the pharmaceutical area and new publications of Pharma world.
  2. It is a good way to enhance the creativity and clarity of one’s ideas.
  3. Participants can enhance their presentation skills.


  1. There should be 3 participants at max are allowed per poster.
  2. The area provided for poster presentation should not be more than 0.95 m wide X 1.2 m height.
  3. The title of the poster should cover full width of the poster.
  4. The title should be brief informative and written in bold letter.
  5. The names of the author address should be written below the title in small letters but presenting author must be present.
  6. The size of the letter should be such that a viewer can read it from 2 m distance.
  7. The message should be clear, understandable and self-explanatory.
  8. The participant should remain present at the place allotted to them throughout the display period.