Debate Based on Pharma

Event Description :

  1. Participants will debate on a given current topic of pharmaceutical field. It is a competitive event which will include teams with contradictory ideas and a formal discussion/ arguments regarding the given topics will be taken place.


  1. To create awareness regarding current Industrial affairs.
  2. To generate effective thinking into issues in the given topic
  3. To add value to the communication skills of an individual.
  4. To boost up logical thinking ability.


  1. A team consists of 2 participants.
  2. It is maximum to restrict 5 teams per institute.
  3. Medium of expression will be Hindi or English.
  4. Topic for Debater will be announced 24 hours in advance.
  5. Each debater will be allowed to speak for maximum five minutes in the Zonal event.
  6. The competitor from each Institute will speak FOR and AGAINST the motion.
  7. Paper reading is not allowed.