Patent Clinic

  • GIC

Event Description:

As a part of the GTU Zonal TechFest 2018, GIC is carrying out a Patent Clinic to scout for the best innovations across GTU. The main goal of the Patent Clinic activity is to give a platform to the innovations and provide them security for their Intellectual Property, providing financial support for their patent and innovators learning the process of patent filing. It is seen that lack of knowledge is also prevalent for IPR if the students are focused. In 2016 about 61 patents were filed, and in 2017 about a whooping 909 as per department of Industrial Policy and Promotional Data, and the rise is majorly due to the startup India Programme in 2016. To scale up or get funded, having different mode of IP creates a tremendous impact.


This event comprises of two rounds: -


  1. Online Submission:
  2. Initially the individual colleges are requested to scout for the most novel or innovative solution or projects that can be converted into patent, from the students. Next after all the submissions are received an intensive scrutiny is done and selected participants are intimated through mail.

  3. Zonal Patent Clinic:
  4. Each zone is dedicated with a college where the patent clinic can be carried out. Initially the briefing upon the different modes of Intellectual Property would be carried out. Next the different websites that are helpful for patents would be discussed mainly keeping their features in focus. After completion, the Prior Art Search would be carried out which helps out in identifying the existing solutions and their modes that have been patented already which can be referred, by the participant and upon finally confirming the novelty of the innovation, the process of patent drafting and filling up various relevant forms for the same would be explained.


  1. Through carrying out Patent clinic at 4 different zones in GTU, the best innovative idea that are patent ready, but due to reasons like lack of resources, funds or knowledge, they would be getting a precious platform, and currently the conversion ratio towards actual Patents is very less, so that problem also would be solved through the Patent Clinics. The goal is to identify the top 100 projects/ solutions who would be provides supports in all ways possible, could be financial, or maybe if mentorship is the key requirement


All regular students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event.