Youth Assembly


It will be based on the very eminent Model UN.

Model United Nations, also referred to as Model UN or MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about the current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.


    NOTE: The initial format has been changed. The new format is as follows:
  1. The group discussion would be based on national , state, as well as international issues relevant to current scenarios.
  2. The participants would be grouped in a slot of 5-6 members.
  3. The subjects will be declared on the spot. 2 minutes will be given for thinking, 10 minutes for discussion and 3 minutes for conclusion as well as judges question.
  4. The best 20 speakers would be selected for the parliament round on day 2.

There will be 3 rounds in 2 days:

  • DAY 2 : Session 1 : Question Hour

    1. The Speaker shall announce the agenda for the day.
    2. The teams shall each be given specific time limit to present where their state stands on the issue, their grievances and the possible solutions they have to offer.
    3. The Speaker shall moderate the proceedings.
    4. After all the teams have spoken, the Speaker shall announce a short adjournment to the proceedings.

  • DAY 2 : Session 2 : Point Of Order

    1.After the adjournment, the Speaker shall resume the proceedings of the Youth Assembly.
    2.In this session, the Speaker shall allow open discussion and debate on the solutions offered by each team.
    3.The teams shall debate on each solution judiciously and discuss their pros and cons.
    4.Proper Code of Conduct of the parliament is maintained must be ensured by the Speaker.
    5.After all possible solutions have been discussed, the Speaker shall announce the adjournment for lunch.
    6.The teams are supposed to interact with each other during lunch and further discuss the solutions.

  • DAY 2 : Session 3 : Vote Of Confidence

    1.The Speaker and Judges after due deliberation shall announce the names of the teams who they think have performed the best and provided the best possible solutions
    2.The names of the teams will be put forward to the Assembly
    3.The Youth Assembly shall then pass a vote of Confidence and shall vote for the team who they think have provided with the best solution from among those nominated by the Speaker.
    4.The team/state with the highest number of votes shall be declared the winner of the Youth Assembly.

Fees Per Head


No. of Participants In Event

1 Only (Individual Participation)

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