Idea Hamster


Bubbling Ideas from Budding Entrepreneurs.

Put your management skills to the test, we present to you Idea Hamster.

An ultimate platform to showcase your entrepreneur skills.

Rules for Round 1 :

  1. 20-25 minutes would be given to prepare an abstract for the advertisement idea.
  2. each team will be allotted a specific category.each category will have 3 teams.
  3. out of each category 1 team will go to the 2nd round. Category example: clothing 3 teams will be allocated EX: CLOTHING. Out of which 1 team with the best adv. Idea will proceed to the 2nd round.

Rules for Round 2 :

  1. On day 2 on the spot product will be given. On which the team has to prepare an out of the box marketing strategy. The best marketing strategy will win the competition
  2. time to prepare the marketing stratergy will be provided.

No. of Participants In Event

Minimum:3, Maximum:4

Total Amount


For further queries contact:

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