Clash Of The Clutters


Trap the scrap..!! BITS edu campus is organizing a Battle of junkyard dawgs!! Use your creativity to make a given object or model that can work to win. Scraps + ideas + effort = success
Participants will need to make a model out of the given scrap.

General Rules:

  1. Each team will be provided with a junk box filled with materials to build your Device.
  2. Each team will receive only one set of materials!
  3. Teams may use all or part of the materials provided and are not allowed to share materials with other teams.
  4. Teams will be allowed time to build and test their devices.
  5. Competitors are allowed to bring diagrams to help them build their blasters.
  6. After the time is up, all devices will be impounded and no changes will be allowed!

NOTE:Rules are subject to last minute change. Contact corresponding coordinator(s) for further inquiries. Final Decision lies in hands of Coordinators and Judges. Participants have to abide the decision in all cases.
  • First Round

    Description:There will be an elimination round based on aptitude test and workshop stuffs.

  • Second Round

    Description:Your creative ideas will be checked in this question-answer round.

  • Third Round

    Description:In this round participants will need to make their model from the given scrap. And at the end there will be a battle. So get ready techie freaks..!!

Fees Per Head


No. of Participants In Event


Total Amount


For further queries contact:

  • Maharshi Patel

    Coordinator, Events

    +91 972 472 2552

  • Mrugesh Patel

    Coordinator, Events

    +91 940 964 2064