Maze Hunter

No. of Participants:

Minimum 2 - Maximum 4 person per Group (60 max groups)

Event Description :

  1. For all those 90’s kids who are fed up with seeing those memes that hit like if you remember this game and feels nostalgia here’s a chance to live those days back again when you used to play video games like Pacman, Rescue Rover, Dangerous Dave, Catacomb 3D and many others. Today, you just remember the scenario of the game but forgotten the name. But this time you are not going to play them in virtual world but you will play those games in real world. So, let your inner child comes back again and explore those games in reality.
  2. Participants will be able to learn team coordination, technical knowledge about robot construction. “Get Ready to Run, the Maze Was Just Beginning”

Robot Specification

  1. The maximum dimensions of the robot are 30cm×30cm×30cm (l x b x h) (WITH MECHANISM) and weight should not exceed 5 kg.
  2. Robots should not be constructed using ready-made Lego kits or any ready-made mechanism but use of ready-made gear assemblies is allowed.
  3. Potential at any point on the robot should not exceed 12V. Participants cannot draw power from outside source.
  4. The Robot can be controlled manually or it can be made semi-automatic or automatic can be powered electrically only. The use of IC engine in any form is not allowed.
  5. In case of wired mechanism, the wire must be slack at any point of time during the game.
  6. The total length of wire extending from the remote control to the robot must be minimum of 4 to 4.5 meters
  7. If the Robot is using an external wireless remote control, make sure that it has sufficient range and that it can control the machine well without any lag.
  8. The robot should have the mechanism/object to burst the balloon.


  1. The Robot will be inspected for safety before the beginning of each round. If found to be unsafe for the participants/spectators, it will be discarded.
  2. The participants are not allowed to damage the track, or indulge in any argument with the coordinator as this will lead to disqualification of them.
  3. Penalty will be given when robot moves out of arena.
  4. In case of wire entanglement, the timers will not be stopped and the race will be restarted from the previous checkpoint. In case any discrepancy, decision of the organizing panel will be considered absolute.
  5. The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the rules as they deem fit. Changes in rules, if any, will be highlighted on the website.
  6. Violation of any of the rules will result in immediate disqualification.
  7. Teams that are not ready when called for turn will be considered to have declared a walkover, and will receive no points.
  8. The operator of the Robot is not allowed to step in the arena.
  9. Tracks have the slope so robot must be able to drive on the slope.
  10. The team cannot upgrade the robot once the event has started.


Round 1: Play in maze

  1. Participants have to complete the given maze in minimum time by controlling the robot.

Round 2: Choose the Right Path

  1. Two robots of opposite teams will enter into the maze together from opposite side and have to bust the balloon which is at the centre of maze and complete the task provided in the chit which is inside of that balloon.

Round 3: Final Round

  1. This round consists of defending robot and attacking robot. Defending robot has to carry a balloon on it and attacker robot will have to burst that balloon by needle. Both the participants who is controlling the robot will be blind and the other member of that particular team will guide that person.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Judging will be done by event coordinators.
  2. Penalties will be given if hand touched while bursting, waste of time at a particular spot, if participants robot crosses the maze lines, if any type of external help done by participants to robot like pulling the robot backwards using wires connection.
  3. Evaluation will be based on the number of balloons busted by a particular team as well as minus points (penalties).
  4. The decision of the coordinator will be final and the rules may vary for the successful complication of the event.