• MBA

Event Description:

It provides a platform to young buddies to brainstorm to stimulate and design the idea and showcase their talent & creativity in their desired area.

Process & Round Description :

Level Description

DAY 1 :

Round 1 (30 Minutes, all groups): BREEZE YOUR IDEOLOGY

  1. In which a domain (a problem statement) is given to the participants, they have to brainstorm and find solutions of given problem statement. - By External Mentor. .

Round 2: (1 hours, 15 groups): MEDITATE YOUR INTELLECTION

  1. Make your prototype
  2. Explain it to the panel.
  3. From this 10 teams will be selected. – By External Mentor

DAY 2 :

Round 3: (1hours, 10 teams): PRESENT YOUR PRODUCT

  1. After that they have to use their own strategies and win maximum points from internal mentor and by coordinators by presenting their product in front of the mentors
  2. Winners – They are selected on the basis of points and their strategies used to present their product


  1. This is a group event
  2. Maximum 30 groups are allowed. Minimum 2 members and maximum 4 members
  3. The coordinators reserve the right to make any change to the event whenever deemed necessary.
  4. Helping and sharing to the members of the other team by any means during the event will result into disqualification
  5. No extra time will be provided in any rounds

Judging criteria

  1. The participants will advance to next round on the basis of competing with other teams and selection by the panel.
  2. No extra time will be provided in any rounds
  3. The decision of coordinators and the panel will be final


All regular students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event.