Eureka Moment

No. of Participants:

Solo/Team (Minimum 2 participants)

Event Description :

  1. Every moment in the history of science, engineering and technology is critical for the growth and sustainability of human civilization. From critical trajectory of such research/thesis some points of extra ordinary achievements changes human’s behaviour and create value in extraordinary manner. Every researcher/academic scholar should make his/her best effort to bring definite impact through it. It is essential to capture the specific moment and implication of the research so that it inspires the next gen. The eureka moment for every researcher need to be captured. Through this event any team of students can present about such outstanding instances of their research or by other eminent experts in their field and present during event. Their presentation should comprise 3 sections,

    Section A: Each participating team should briefly explain 5 existing patents in the relevant discipline from anywhere in the globe. For this the team can search from patent databases like xyz.

    Section B: Mention 5 key contribution of 5 research scholar of global repute in your domain of research with brief explanation of their contribution to this field.

    Section C: Mention 5 Futuristic sub domain of research in your field with brief mention of each its impact.


Round 1:

Inviting Applications online and scrutinizing

Round 2:

Participant have to pitch their research for 3 Min and they will be judged on the same


  1. Any postgraduate or undergraduate student can apply

Judging Criteria :

  1. The research would be judged on the basis of three sections mentioned above.