No. of Participants:

75 Team (2 participant per team)

Event Description

It is a team event. The event will be a computer based detective event. In this event participants will be provided with some clues to find the hidden treasure or to recognize the criminal. To complete the given task, specific time limit will be given.

Team Specification:

  1. Maximum 75 teams are allowed.
  2. A team should consist of two (2) members.
  3. Participants from different institutes can form a team for the event.
  4. Participants should carry the valid collage identity cards of their respective institutes at the time of reporting.

Judging Criteria:

  1. In case of more than specified number solve successfully time of submission will be taken in consideration.
  2. In case of tie of time a tie breaker round can be organized. The decision of coordinators will be final.


Round 1: (Day 1, 2 hours, 150 participants, 75 teams)

  1. Every participant of team has to answer set of questions (Riddles, Brain Teaser, Image puzzles, Puzzles) and in between distraction are there.(by pop up windows).

    Time Limit: 15 Minutes. =>10 Minutes for Event and 5 Minutes for Explanation. 40 Teams will be selected out of 75 Teams.

Round 2: (Day 1, 2 hours, 80 participants, 40 teams)

  1. In this round a technical question is given and for distraction puzzles(pop up boxes) given to one partner and he/she has 5 minutes to think the answer and then same will be done by another partner. If he/she understands it then he/she needs to write the answer and then pass the computer to another participant.

    Time Limit: 15 minutes =>10 Minutes for Event and 5 Minutes for Explanation. 10 teams will be selected out of 40.

Round 3: (Day 2, 1 hour, 20 participants, and 10 teams)

  1. 10 pairs will go for 3 rd round. Participants will be provided clue by that they will lead to other location and there they have to collect their clue and come back to the given location.

    Time Limit: 40 minutes => 30 Minutes for Event and 10 Minutes for Explanation.