Death Race

No. of Participants:

Minimum 2 - Maximum 4 person per Group (150 max team)

Event Description :

  1. Here the Robot will face the steady or moving obstacles through which participants have to complete track in lowest time with lowest penalty. “Push the pedal slowly, but steady to get the medal…”

Robot Specification

  1. The robot size should not be more than 30cm×30cm×30cm in all directions.
  2. Maximum weight must not exceed 5 kg. (Excluding battery weight).
  3. Potential at any point on the robot should not exceed 24V. Participants cannot draw power from outside source.
  4. Robot can be wired or wireless.
  5. In case of wired robots, the connecting wires from the robots to the remote control should be minimum of 3 meter in length.
  6. Robots should be water proof.
  7. Ready-made kits, LEGO kits and Caster wheel should not be used to construct the robot.


  1. All the required accessories have to be brought by the participants.
  2. The participants are not allowed to damage the track, or indulge in any argument with the coordinator as this will lead to disqualification of their robot.
  3. The batteries can be recharged only during the breaks.
  4. Coordinators reserve the right to ask for explanation of the robot.
  5. Penalty will be given when robot moves out of arena.
  6. The wireless remote-control sets must be handed over to the event coordinator at the time of reporting, so as to avoid any illegal control of the Robot due to interference caused by the intentional or unintentional matching of radio frequencies of different participants.
  7. The decision of the coordinator will be final and the rules may vary for the successful completion of event.
  8. Sufficient time will be given to the team before the start to study the arena and devise game play strategy.
  9. In case of wire entanglement, the timers will not be stopped and the race will be restarted from the previous checkpoint.
  10. In case any discrepancy, decision of the organizing panel will be considered absolute.
  11. Faculty and Coordinators decision will be considered final.
  12. Certificate of participation will be given to all those participants who will actively take part in event. If students had registered and not attended the event, they will not get certificate


Round 1:

  1. In this round all the participants will complete the track in given time interval.
  2. Time limit will give to the participants by coordinators.
  3. The best teams who complete the track in minimum time will be qualified for further round.

Round 2:

  1. There are 2 tasks in this round:
  2. Participants has to complete the whole track with their robot.

    One robot with camera attached to it is provided, and controller is provided with VR box and participants has to complete the given path (Not whole track) without seeing robot.

  3. The time of both the Task is calculated and summation of both tasks should be minimum to clear this Round.

Round 3:

  1. There is a special condition applied for this round.
  2. Total two driver will control the robot together at the same time in final round by two different controllers which is left wheel controller (Controller-1) and right wheel controller (Controller-2). Robot must be modified and must be fulfil this condition- ‘Both left wheels of the robot can be control by controller-1 and both right wheel of the robot can be control by another controller- 2.
  3. Other things are same as round 2 but difficulty level of final round is high.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. The best Robot which reaches the end first in minimum time would be the fittest and will be qualified for the further rounds.
  2. The robots with the “Suspension System”, “Braking System”, “Steering System” and the wheels not directly clamped with motors, use of gears, engines, drives are encouraged will have an advantage over the others.
  3. The robot which sustains the race within minimum time would be declared the winner.
  4. The decision of the coordinator will be final and the rules may vary for the successful complication of the event.