A good day to challenge your brain screens !!

A technical quiz for all the tech geeks out der to display their inQUIZitiveness & tech savviness.

So put on your thinking hats n get ready to be assaulted by a plethora of questions about anything and everything from the tech world. Plenty interesting stuff to beat those brains out!!!

  1. There should be only 2 members per team and once registered names of team members cannot be changed.
  2. The elimination round should be completed in the stipulated time.
  3. In case of any disputes, decision of quiz master shall be final and abiding.
  4. Surprise Round can be expected!

NOTE:Rules are subject to last minute change. Contact corresponding coordinator(s) for further inquiries. Final Decision lies in hands of Coordinators and Judges. Participants have to abide the decision in all cases.Even if you feel not satisfied you may contact the department head for all queries.
  • The elimination round will be an online/offline quiz testing the general technical know-how of the participants. The top 10 teams from this round will be selected to compete in further rounds.

  • The first round will consist of questions covering a diverse array if info- tech topics. The teams will be judged from all possible angles. Top 5 qualifiers will proceed to the final round.

  • The final round will be a combination of buzzer round. A round to knock the socks off the competing teams, this round decides the winning team.

Fees Per Head


No. of Participants In Event

2 Compulsory

Total Amount


For further queries contact:

  • Ruchika Bopani

    Coordinator, Events

    +91 740 532 9469

  • Prutha Muley

    Coordinator, Events

    +91 846 032 6748