No. of Participants:

Solo/Team (Minimum 2 participants)

Event Description :

  1. This is basically a Car racing event in which chemicals are used to run the car. It is a group event and maximum 3 members can be allowed in one group.


First Round:

  1. In this round every group will run their car on the given track and distance travelled by the car would be calculated. The cars which travels the maximum distance would be qualified for the next round.

Second Round:

  1. In this round some obstacles would be kept on the path. The car has to overcome those obstacles in this round. The cars which travels the maximum distance on this path would be qualified for the next round.

Third Round:

  1. In this round the participant need to claim the distance that their car can travel with obstacles on its way, and that must be travelled by their car. The winner will be selected on the basis of design of their car and difference between their claim and actual distance travelled by car.


  1. There will be 3 rounds for this competition.
  2. 2 trials will be given to all the participants.
  3. In a situation of draw, the car which cover more distance in less time will be winner.
  4. The weight of car should not exceed 1kg.
  5. Dimensions of car should be 50*40*30*cm.
  6. No explosive, hazardous or harmful chemicals can be used for the chemical reaction.
  7. Complete measures of safety must be taken care of.
  8. Pushing to start the vehicle or using a mechanical starting device is not allowed.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Judging will be done by event coordinators.
  2. Penalties will be given if hand touched while bursting, waste of time at a particular spot, if participants robot crosses the maze lines, if any type of external help done by participants to robot like pulling the robot backwards using wires connection.
  3. Evaluation will be based on the number of balloons busted by a particular team as well as minus points (penalties).
  4. The decision of the coordinator will be final and the rules may vary for the successful complication of the event.


  1. Any one Industry Expert with minimum 10 years of experience in the relevant discipline.
  2. Any one Academic Expert with minimum 10 years of experience in relevant discipline.
  3. Any one faculty from any other GTU affiliated college in the same zone
  4. Any one faculty from the Host Institute