Breakup Bridge

Event Description :

  1. Construction of Popsicle Stick Bridge can be not only great exercise for testing your structurally stable bridge designs but also a fun spare time activity that you can use to test theories, engage in social interactions with fellow builders. Thinking at an elementary level, grab the opportunity to make a structure that would stand firm on the strong base of your structural knowledge. The given bridge shall be evaluated under a given condition of moving loads.


  1. Each team should be of maximum 4 members.
  2. Materials to be used should be Popsicle sticks and Fevicol of SH grade only.
  3. Use of any other adhesive or any other material is prohibited and participants using it will be disqualified from the event.
  4. Strings of any material or any type of nails cannot be used to tie Popsicle sticks together.
  5. All the models shall be taken for the self-weighing during the specified period of time (any entry after that won’t be accepted and would be disqualified).
  6. No changes in the model after the self-weighing would be allowed and any team doing so without the permission of the Core Committee member would be disqualified.
  7. The decision of the judges and Core Committee will be final regarding any discrepancy on the spot or before the event.
  8. In case of a tie in Round 2, the core committee will decide on the spot for some different type of loading in addition to the existing loading.

Basic Dimensions:

  1. Out to out length of bridge must be 120 cm.
  2. Considering Base plate as foundation level, clear height from base plate to bottom of deck level is 50 cm.
  3. Any type of coatings, paint or paper sticking is not allowed on the popsicle bridge or the deck area.
  4. Thickness of any member shall not be more that 3 number of sticks.
  5. No bracing is allowed in plan of any members.
  6. Maximum allowable overlap for two sticks is 2 cm.

Specifications :

Popsicle Stick Specifications:
  1. Popsicle stick to be used for the entire structure shall be of maximum length 120 mm, width 13 mm and thickness 3 mm. The popsicle sticks can be cut or trimmed to any shape or size, however only SH grade Fevicol must be used only to build the structure.
Girder Specifications:
  1. Bracings are allowed in the girder of the bridge.
  2. Grooves in the structure are not allowed.
  3. Total Length of one girder should not exceed 100cm.
  4. The no. of panels in one Girder should not be more than 10.
  5. Clear Width of girder must be 15cm (in to in) (as viewed in plan)
  6. Max Height (Depth) of the girder must be 20cm (out to out).
  7. The deck (road level) should be at the height of 50 cm from the base-plate.
Deck Specifications:
  1. Deck shall not have any bracing on the top and have a smooth path of deck.
  2. Clear Width of deck must be 15cm (in to in) (as viewed in plan).
  3. There should not be any bracing as viewed in the plan.
Column Specifications:
  1. The design of Columns has to be open-web.
  2. Thickness of any member should not exceed 3 Popsicle sticks.
  3. All the Panels of vertical member must be in same alignment.
  4. Single bracing and Cross bracings are allowed.
  5. The height of the stand columns must be 50 cm.
  6. No. of panels must not be more than 5.
  7. The size of stand columns must be 15cm*15cm (l*b) (out to out).
  8. Stand columns must be fixed with the base plate (plywood of 6 mm thickness and 30cm*30cm cross section) for each column separately.
  9. For attaching stand, columns with base plate- nut/bolt mechanism or clamps can be used.
  10. Grooves in the structure are not allowed.


Round 1 (Dimension Checking)

Round 2 (Load testing)