Caza De Drogaz


The knowledge of dispensing pharmacy will not be a waste. Come show your dispensing abilities at Caza de Drogas.This event will consist of two rounds.In the first round participants will have to find ingredients in the given pharmaceutical preparation solving clues.In the second round qualified participants will have to prepare a particular formulation using those ingredients. Come, prove that you are the best dispensing pharmacist!

General Rules:

  1. Each team shall comprise of two members.
  2. Team will be disqualified if found misbehaving.
  3. Use of internet is strictly prohibited.
  4. Decision of the Authority will be considered final.
  5. Please refer to round details for in depth rules pertaining to each round.

NOTE:Rules are subject to last minute change. Contact corresponding coordinator(s) for further inquiries. Final Decision lies in hands of Coordinators and Judges. Participants have to abide the decision in all cases.
  • Treasure Hunt

    Clues shall be given to the team at each check-point; each clue will lead to the next location with the hint of the ingredient.
    The teams will be evaluated only on basis of their ability of solving clues and can proceed to the next check-point.
    Both the members of the team must report together at each clue site as well as check point.
    If any team fails to solve any of the clues, team can either quit or can continue the game by accepting the given penalty.
    First 12 teams reporting to the final destination will be carried forward to Phase II

  • Identification and Preparation of Formulation

    The Teams will have to collect the ingredients, identify the formulation and prepare for the same. The Formulation will have to be dispensed with a proper label.

Fees Per Head


Maximum No. of Participants In Event


Duration of event

4:00 hrs

For further queries contact:

  • Ashka Amin

    Manager, Caza De Drogas

    +91 992 413 7373

  • Khyati patel

    Manager, Caza De Drogas

    +91 780 192 3283