In this fast moving world where everything tends to approach the speed of light it is here where you can come and explore the world of books. The event checks the ability of the candidates to comprehend various research publications and answer questions related to them. The aim of the event is to instil scientific temperament in every participant in a fun way. Those who qualify the preliminary rounds go to the next level where they prove that they are the best literarians!

General Rules:

  1. Each team shall comprise of two participants.
  2. Not more than 30 minutes will be given to read the article.
  3. Qualification of the first round will be based on MCQ score.
  4. While answering MCQs, use of the article is not allowed.
  5. Marking: For every correct answer positive three marks (+3) will be awarded and for every wrong answer negative one mark (-1) will be awarded.
  6. Decision taken by the judges is considered final. It cannot be challenged in any case.

NOTE:Rules are subject to last minute change. Contact corresponding coordinator(s) for further inquiries. Final Decision lies in hands of Coordinators and Judges. Participants have to abide the decision in all cases.
  • First Round

    Round 1 is of 30 minutes in which the contestants will be given 1 review article to read and then 10 minutes will be provided and the contestants will have to answer the MCQs related to the article given to them. During these 10 minutes, the article cannot be used as a reference.

  • Second Round

    The Qualifiers will be sent to the second round in which they will have to prepare an abstract on the given topic in 1hr. Internet facility will be available only for this round.

Fees Per Head


Maximum No. of Participants In Event


Duration of event

2:00 hrs

For further queries contact:

  • Manali Chandan

    Manager, BOOKWORMS

    +91 846 035 8711

  • Hivani Patel

    Manager, BOOKWORMS

    +91 997 888 7575