Event Description :

One has to pass through a series of task to attain the title of ARTIFICE. These would include designing building plan, finding a clue through riddle and to make a perfect model using given material. The event consists of 2 rounds. In first round they will be given A1 size sheet and they have to prepare a building plan of (G+1) storey in the given area as per building bye laws,one requirement of costumer like (consultancy room, prayer room, study room, etc.) And NBC (National building code). In the second round one has to pass through treasure hunt and will have to prepare a model according to the concept of green building.


The contestants are given a site (on the spot) to design and building a unique holiday space structure using only the materials provided using parallel intelligence. The event basically calls for teamwork, spontaneity and judicial use of raw materials provided.

  1. The event is open to all.
  2. Each Team should consist maximum 4 participants.
  3. The model should be handmade with the provided items such as: Colourful Cardboard, POPsticks, papers , Straws, Fevicol, glass, wood and plastic pieces, colours, plant/grass, small stones and clay pieces, small toy car/vehicle/person/animal, plastic bottles.
  4. Provision of above items may change due to their availability or any other reason.
  5. The decision of judges shall be final and binding.


Round 1: (2 hours)

  1. Teams have to present the detailed idea behind all features of the model within 30 minutes on drawing sheet. Topography or site location (for example, beach, hilly region, farm house etc) should be also selected during this time period.

Round 2: (6 Hours)

  1. During this time period the team will execute their work in accordance with their submitted idea.

Evaluation Criteria :

The evaluation will be done out of total 100 Points based on the following:

  1. Initial Planning on drawing sheet (20 Points)
  2. Plan to executed work resemblance score (20 Points)
  3. Sense behind materials and components used (20 Points)
  4. Appearance (20 Points)
  5. Space Utilization (20 Points)