Pure It

“ Filter With Nature. ”

Event Schedule:

  1. Round 1: 12:30 - 03:30 , February 16

Rules & Regulations:

Rules :

  1. Each Team should consist maximum 3 participants..
  2. Container of 2 lit plastic bottles (Standard 2 lit coca-cola bottle) will be provided by institute and participants need to bring filter media material themselves.
  3. Processed or Unprocessed Natural materials or Natural Waste materials are permitted to use as Filter media.
  4. No type of readymade paper is allowed.
  5. Media used cannot be presaturated.
  6. Arrangement of filter media shall be done at the time of event.
  7. A fixed quantity of alkaline sample will be given to all the participants
  8. Time for reactor preparation : 30 Mins
  9. Filtration time 45 Mins

Evaluation Criteria :

  1. Percentage reduction in turbidity and pH.
  2. Rate of filtration criteria will be considered only when two filtrate turbidity values and pH values are same.
  3. In case of same values of rate of filtration, the weight of filter media used will be considered.