• Electrical
  • February 17, 2018
  • Drawing Hall - 2 - A & B

“ Synergistic Showcase. ”

Event Schedule:

  1. Round 1: 08:00 - 10:00 , February 17
  2. Round 2: 12:30 - 02:30 , February 17

Rules & Regulations :

Event Details :

  1. Students should carry proof of identity issued by their institution.
  2. Each team can have maximum - 4 members.
  3. Same person cannot be a member of more than one team. All teams involving common person as participant will be disqualified.
  4. All participants are requested to bring 2 copies of properly printed abstract of their contraption clearly mentioning steps and chart, which shows all energy conversions. (If possible diagram should be added)
  5. A space of 5ft*6ft*7ft (l*b*h) will be provided to each team.
  6. The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all the rules above rules as they deem fit.
  7. No chemical explosions are allowed during working of contraption.
  8. An initial set up time of 120 minutes will be given to each team.
  9. Setup time of 35 minutes will be given before 2nd trial.
  10. Only two trials or attempts are allowed. However, team takes extra trials then that team will be disqualified.
  11. Maximum three hand touches are allowed including hand touch at the time of starting the contraption. For further 4th, 5th, 6th hand touches 5, 15, 30 points will be deducted respectively. Further hand touch will lead to disqualification of the team.
  12. If you fail in the first trial, then 10% of your total point gained after your successful trial will be deducted.
  13. Time of 15 minutes will be given to each team for displaying contraption to the judges.
  14. The energy conversions after completing the task are not considered.
  15. Less points will be allotted for the repeated conversions
  16. No alterations in contraption of any kind are allowed at any point of time during trial.
  17. Step has to be designed by the participating team only. The steps performed for energy conversion by any ready-made product will not be scored.
  18. Judges and coordinators decision will be final and binding to all.
  19. Time taken for completion of tasks will also be considered in case of a tie.
  20. The final task or aim is to hoist the flag given to each team participating in the event, image of the flag is given below(Dimension of the flag is = 6.5x4 in.)

Scoring Criteria

  1. Mechanical conversion: 15 Marks
  2. Electrical or Electronic conversion: 20 marks
  3. Magnetic or Chemical conversion : 30 marks
  4. For repetition of same conversion one mark will be deducted (example- for 1st mechanical conversion, 15 marks will be given and for 2nd mechanical conversion 14 marks will be given)
  5. Bonus Points for :
  6. No use of Electricity
  7. Some bonus points are kept for innovation and shall be decided by judge and coordinators.
  8. Energy conservation

Judging Criteria

  1. Number of steps in contraption.
  2. Number of energy conversions.
  3. Types of energy conversions.
  4. Originality of ideas and innovativeness.
  5. Robustness of the contraption.
  6. Complexity of overall contraption.

Rules are subject to last minute change. Contact corresponding coordinator(s) for further inquiries. Final decision lies in hands of coordinators and judges. Participants have to abide the decision in all cases.